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About ChinaSource

ChinaSource is a trusted resource founded in 1997 in response to a growing need within the faith-based community for accurate information on China and its church.

Our commitment to China is captured in our mission statement:

ChinaSource desires to be a trusted resource engaging the Christian community with critical knowledge for collaborating with and serving the Chinese church and society.

ChinaSource plays a catalytic role through facilitating knowledge-sharing and relationships. Our services include print and online publications, white papers, conferences, consultations, and custom consulting.

A few words from those who know us . . .

I have the highest regard for Brent Fulton and ChinaSource as they are magnanimous, kingdom-minded people who... are committed to continually learning and sharing their understanding of China and are trusted to bring together people to discuss the many different facets of China. ChinaSource has developed and sustained their reputation for understanding the complexities of a rapidly changing China.

S. Douglas Birdsall, Executive Chair
Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization

ChinaSource has always sought to fulfill a servant role in providing scores of organizations and hundreds of laborers with current and accurate analysis of the primary issues, challenges, and needs facing the people of that great nation, and help them think through these issues for themselves as well as encourage them to network with other like-minded servants of God.

Dr. Hans M. Wilhelm

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